Kevin Fanning

I have been writing things on the internet since 1998. I write about celebrities and internet culture and technology and brands and relationships.

Lately I am known as the person who wrote those books about Kim Kardashian, you know the ones where she's trapped inside her own game, and she's a witch who uses emoji-based spells, those ones.

I live in Cambridge, MA and symbolize hope.

A list of books I've written

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Where to find me online

Amazon author page Facebook flickr goodreads Instagram Medium tinyletter tumblr twitter wattpad

If you wanted to email me

You would do [my first name] @ [the URL of this website]

But Twitter is the fastest way to reach me.

I can't think of what else to write down here. Anyways thanks for checking out my website and I hope you found what you needed and I hope you have a great day!