Let's All Find Awesome Jobs

Let's All Find Awesome Jobs

Iíve been working in HR for about 9 years now, the last 5 1/2 as a recruiter. Itís fun. I like it. I look at resumes, talk to people on the phone. Once in a while I connect someone with their dream job. But more often, I send out rejection letters.

Iíve noticed that a lot of people, the majority even, inadvertently make small mistakes that take them out of the running. This blows my mind. A little more detail, a slight rephrasing, and they might have gotten the job.

I started telling my friends this. Whenever someone I knew was engaged in a job search, I would do whatever I could to be helpful. Tell them about the mistakes Iíd seen, tell them what common pitfalls to avoid. They said my feedback was helpful, so I started writing it down. I collected it into a PDF that circulated amongst my friends for a few years. I kept adding to it, and eventually it became this book.

Unlike my other books, Letís All Find Awesome Jobs is not fiction. Itís also not magic, or lifehacks. Itís a concise, practical, and hopefully entertaining guide to the incredibly frustrating world of job searches.

Itís for people just entering the working world for the first time, people who have jobs but want to find better jobs, and for all of us who still donít know what we want to be when we grow up.

We deserve awesome jobs.


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