The Location Scout

You are a Location Scout for the Witness Protection Program. You travel the world, identifying locations and helping people get to where they need to be. You know the entire planet like the back of you hand. So: what happens if you get lost?

The Location Scout is a story about choices and uncertainty and being lost and finding your way in the world.

Excerpt: The game was called Could I Survive In This Town If I Had To, Right Now? You have $5 in your pocket. You have zero. This time you are not allowed to use telephones. Your family is looking for you; your family is not. They enlist the help of a detective. This city is known for its predators. This small town has a palpable distrust of outsiders. You had time to pack a bag. You have no shoes or jacket and the temperature is falling rapidly. The game had an almost infinite number of variations. You became very good at it.

The Location Scout

Originally published in 2009.

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